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By Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Sundance.

Sky Ferreira Opens Up About Her Twin Peaks Debut—but Not Too Much

Sky Ferreira can hardly believe that Twin Peaks is happening again—let alone that this time around she’s a cast member. A self-described super-fan of David Lynch’s oeuvre, Ferreira learned that Lynch would develop an original character for her after she auditioned for the revival, which returns to Showtime on May 21. When she first latched onto Lynch’s bizarre, hall-of-mirrors brand of storytelling, she felt a distinct sense of relief: “Someone else gets it. Suddenly, it was like, ‘Oh, there’s someone else [like me].’ ”

One aspect of her fandom might come as a surprise to anyone who’s naïvely watched Mulholland Drive alone in their room with all the lights off. “People are always like, ‘David Lynch’s work is so dark,’ and I don’t see anything dark about it,” she says. “It’s hard to describe. Life is violent and weird and dark, and we can’t really explain any of it. That’s true of all of his work. But for me, it was always weirdly hopeful.”


‘Sleeping Woman,’ Man Ray, 1929. Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art.

When We Dream About Clothes: 
Embracing the ‘Embodied Experience’ in Dreams

On a recent Saturday morning, I dream about clothes. On a single rack in a sparse space hang voluminous skirts in heavy, vintage fabrics of vermillion, baby pink, cherry red and monochrome; a jumpsuit in pastel stripes with rows of fringe; an off-the-shoulder dress of the softest silk in a rich, plum hue; and a collared shirt patterned with puzzle pieces. I run my hands over each piece, lovingly, longingly, prepared to buy and wear each one. They are completely within my grasp… Then, just as suddenly as I’d drifted off that evening, the dream ends, leaving me with little more than fragmented images of beautiful garments in a white-walled room. A question lingers, too: What – if anything – might the presence of these clothes in my dreaming mind mean? And why bother paying attention to them at all?

Tina Weymouth 

Tina Weymouth 

Talking Heads Bassist Tina Weymouth’s Electrifying Style

Tina Weymouth has always been more than ‘the girl in the band’. As the singular bassist in frontman David Byrne’s art-pop group Talking Heads, and later in Tom Tom Club, Weymouth’s sonic funkiness and playful performance style proved essential to solidifying each band’s distinct sound and image. One could argue that Talking Heads wouldn’t have been Talking Heads without her – or, at the very least, they wouldn’t have been half as cool. In light of Stop Making Sense director Jonathan Demme’s death a few weeks ago, AnOther reflects on Weymouth’s remarkable life in music thus far.